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Managed IT Services

What are Managed IT Services?

They’re the key to helping your clients grow and scale their businesses. More specifically, however, they’re information technology tasks handled by a third-party vendor. Small to medium businesses can leverage these services on a subscription basis to elevate their companies to the same level as the industry giants in their field at a fraction of the cost.

Many technological systems, including computers, phones, networks, and passwords, keep small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating and their data secure. However, many SMBs lack the time, resources, or expertise necessary to manage these systems internally.   That’s where managed IT services come in.

Lisbon Creek provides a variety of comprehensive MSP plans to suit any small to medium-sized business. Our expert team will make sure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly with minimal downtime and is compliant with current standards and regulations. Our MSP plans are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring the best return on investment and ultimate satisfaction

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C0-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT is where a business has an IT department, but it is supplemented from the outside—from a managed IT services firm.

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Sometimes a business has someone, or more than one person, internally that performs some of the roles of the IT department, but they are not able to perform all of them. It may be because they do not have the time, or perhaps they do not have the skills. A business like this would truly benefit from a co-managed IT support arrangement with Lisbon Creek managed IT services. In this scenario, Lisbon Creek’s role is to support the internal staff, make them better, and make the IT department better. Co-managed IT support is where our company fills roles that are not filled internally and supports the internal staff to get all work completed and be able to provide full metrics to management. In some cases, Lisbon Creek Systems may support all the network and security work while the internal staff handles all the computer systems and user support. In other businesses, we may simply provide help desk user support while all other tasks are addressed internally, including business phone systems and small business cloud services. Truthfully, it can be any combination of tasks distributed in ways that make sense for the business.

In other words, Co-managed IT can be any combination of tasks distributed in ways that make sense for the business.

For businesses, deciding between Co-Managed IT vs. Managed IT Services is about determining which services you truly need from your Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).

Still confused? Contact us today, we are eager to help business owners understand and decide which type of managed IT services arrangement will work best. Afterall, every business is unique, so a cookie-cutter all-in-one managed IT solution is not always the best option.


Virus Protection

What is Virus Protection?

When properly installed on a system, virus protection software is designed to prevent viruses, worms, and Trojan horses from infiltrating a computer and to remove any malicious software code that has already infected a computer.

Virus Protection Types

Most virus protection utilities now include anti-spyware and anti-malware protection in addition to anti-virus protection. Internet security suites take it a step further by including features such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, firewall, file protection, and PC optimization.


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Open Door

The Benefits of virus protection

A system without antivirus is analogous to a house with an open door. All intruders and burglars will be drawn in by an open and unprotected door. Similarly, an unprotected computer invites all viruses into the system. An antivirus will protect your computer by acting as a closed door with a security guard, fending off all malicious intruding viruses. So, are you going to leave your door open for intruders?


Proactive Monitoring

A Customized Approach 

Lisbon Creek Systems’ proactive approach means that we frequently identify and fix your computer issues before you even realize you have them.

The proactive, stress-free managed IT services provided by Lisbon Creek Systems are guaranteed to lower costs, boost output, and reduce risk. Furthermore, our flat-rate services will give your company peace of mind while staying within budget. On-site and remote IT solutions are what we offer.

We use monitoring tools that enable our operations teams to evaluate and react to workload performance in near-real time. These tools become the heartbeat of our IT environment, with 24/7 monitoring. They are critical when the operations staff needs quick insight into a medium- or large-sized customer’s environment.

Open Door

Reactive vs Proactive

The traditional reactive monitoring tools capture real-time data and often store that data to help IT teams spot trends. While reactive monitoring tools are fairly easy to implement and maintain, they’re most useful after an issue has actually occurred.

On the other hand, proactive monitoring can help IT teams identify and fix problems before they occur. 


What People Are Saying




Exploit No More
Exploit No More
Lisbon Creek is professional, responsive and very friendly. Michael and Jeremiah have given us outstanding service. This is a local company run by honest and good people. Support a local small business and use them for your security & communications needs!
Angelo Pezzino
Angelo Pezzino
I work at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission as the IT Strategy Manager. We worked with Lisbon Creek Systems on replacing and installing a large number of our outdoor cameras. The 8MP cameras we purchased had excellent resolution for a reasonable price. The project was completed ahead of schedule and the gentlemen (Donovan and Lee) sent to do the work arrived early, were professional and friendly, and worked flawlessly with our team. We plan on working with LCS in the future and highly recommend them.
Ivan Arredondo
Ivan Arredondo
Was on the fence for awhile about upgrading my phone system. The team at Lisbon Creek was ready to answer every question I had and walked me through the whole process. After the installation, they were easily reached over the phone and were available to help me navigate my way through the new phone system. Quality, Affordability and Timely. Rarely if ever, do you get all three!
Connect Chiropractic Team
Connect Chiropractic Team
Lisbon Creek's team is always very responsive to any questions or concerns and does an amazing job supporting the local community and other local business!! Thank you Julie & team!!
Ernie Wunsch
Ernie Wunsch
I want to start by saying our construction project and restoration of an historic 27,000 Sq. ft. 128 year old building was very unique and extremely challenging. I was completely in the dark when it came to finding a company that could rise to the challenge of our complicated low voltage, security, telephone and audio visual needs all in one. Enter Lisbon Creek on a chance encounter! From beginning to end Ken, Earl, Eric, Jose & Matthew have spent extra time learning our exact needs and constantly coming up with solutions for what will work best for our business. Their multiple site visits, communication, customer service, attitude and patience were very much appreciated from someone (myself) who does not have a lot of low voltage & equipment knowledge. I would also like to mention that they worked very hard to find a solution that worked and stayed real close to my budget! I anticipate that we will need to add to and tweak our systems as we get used to our new surroundings, but I am 100% confident that we have chosen the right team to navigate us into the future and that their great customer service will not stop after our final payment! Ernie Wunsch Owner Skyline Catering & The Bucyrus Club
Leah Neuroth
Leah Neuroth
Words can’t express how amazing the Lisbon Creek team was to work with. From their transparent pricing, quick response, professional team and on time execution, they made our communication and security installation a worry-free process. I highly recommend them!
James Phillips
James Phillips
Lisbon Creek has been a valuable partner to our company for several years. The phones, equipment, and overall technology is always in the forefront. Although the system has been essentially trouble free, even the smallest issue or question has been responded to promptly and professionally. Very pleased with them and highly recommend them.
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips
We have been using Lisbon Creek for our phone system for several years and can't say enough about the quality and integrity of the their company, they are very responsive, and are always looking at new ways to help us with our technical needs, as we are a tech company as well, I can say this with all sincerity! We have 2 office locations, in 2 different states, and the phone system works perfectly for both, allowing us to answer calls from each location even if we are not there...through the phone system smartphone app! If you are in the market for a new phone system or maybe some other new tech for your business, Lisbon Creek should be top of your list!

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